Do you need a reliable partner with many years of experience in the packaging of organic and conventional fruits and vegetables?


Source of health and more

DG 69 is one of the leading companies in the field of packaging and distribution of organic fresh fruit and vegetables in SE Europe. We have our headquarters in Slovenia, where our story has started, and we also conduct our business activities in Italy, Hungary and Croatia. In recent years, we have made a big step forward and have opened the way to the global market through investments in technology and mechanization. Our qualities are: responsibility, professionalism, conscientiousness, diligence and adaptability to the wishes of the client.

Eco Bio Organic – It’s just the best for you

Our suppliers, Slovenian and foreign, are carefully selected because we want to offer our customers the best that nature can offer us.
For this purpose, we created the Eco Bio Organic brand, which includes over 50 varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables such as lemons, potatoes, green tubers and leaves, ginger, carrots, oranges … in short, everything a healthy cuisine needs. Our fruits and vegetables are available in most of the retail chains in Slovenia for example Spar, Mercator, Leclerc, as well as some smaller local suppliers. We export our products through all South-Eastern Europe but our goal is to find partners over the whole Europe.

We specialize in the following packaging methods

At present, we specialize in packing Flow Pack, packing in thermosetting foil, packing into a mesh and packaging in plastic containers up to 1000 grams. We are always investing in innovation and expanding the production line and we plan to add more new packaging methods in the coming years. Our goal is to preserve the freshness of fruit and vegetables while minimizing the burden on the environment. With this goal in mind, we have developed a line of environmentally friendly packaging materials based on natural materials such as cardboard, cellulose mesh and bio-plastics.