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Thermo-shrink film

Economical and suitable for all types of fruit and vegetables, regardless of quantity

How we pack

The product, which is typically packed into the wrappings in a thermosetting foil, is a mix of vegetables for preparing a soup. Of course, any product may be wrapped in the same foil, depending on the purpose and use.

Packaging is usually carried out on a conveyor belt, where products from several ingredients are assembled according to predetermined grammages, and products of one kind of fruit are sorted according to size, weighed and placed in plastic trays. Some items, such as cauliflower or broccoli, can also be packed without a plastic tray and are subsequently weighed and labeled with a sticker at a price to see the weight.

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Avtomac 33



Organic and non-organic products


With or without the tray


All kinds of fruits and vegetables

Net bag packing

An option of the biodegradable net from cellulose.

Optimum protection for citrus, avocado, potato, onions, garlic beetroots and more

How we pack

An ideal way to pack fruit and vegetables with a peel. In the net bags, we pack articles such as lemons, oranges, avocados, potatoes, onions … The colour and material of the mesh are customizable as desired, and it is also a flexible tie declaration on which one piece of information is printed on the product, the other is equipped with a custom design.

Packaging is carried out on SORMA machines with 12 weighing heads, which gives us an extremely accurate grammar of packaged products with precision up to 10 grams of deviation. Small quantities are packed manually by three smaller machines.

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Hand-controlled machines for smaller quantitites


Organic and non organic fruits and vegetables


Colour and material of your choice, the tie-label can be designed by your branding.


Agrumes, potatoes, onions, garlic, beetroots and similar.

Flow-Pack packing

with or without the tray

Suitable for all kinds of fruits and vegetables

How we pack

We first sort the fruits and vegetables and eliminate all bad products, then weigh the products and in the case of packing into the tray, they are stacked into the selected packaging. Flow pack is suitable for all types of fruits and vegetables since the packaging is made in such a way that it allows the fruit and vegetables to “breathe” and thus maintain optimum freshness.

Flow pack allows packaging in different types of plastic foils, which differ in terms of perforation, thickness and width. Bio degradable foil is also available, which is made of bio-plastic with a special process of processing corn stokes.